How Prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Views Bitcoin

Over the years, Bitcoin has grown from being known to a select few tech Nerds into something that has rapidly changed the mindsets of many concerning the concept of money. How does a local crypto exchange view the world of popular digital currencies?

Some of you who are known in various financial circles have been privileged enough to witness the rise of Bitcoin.

Most of us are aware that it is the kind of digital currency that is built on Blockchain.

Here is the low down on Bitcoin:

  • It is a digital currency.
  • In various ways, it works just like Yen, Euro, or dollar in that it lets a user transfer value.
  • Its strength lies in the Network it has been built on.
  • Thanks to blockchain technology, Bitcoin can be decentralized and allow anyone to access and trade on the public ledger.
  • It is super easy to transfer digital funds anywhere in the world without the need for payment processors or banks.
  • Besides person-to-person payments, all kinds of businesses are accepting the currency as payment for goods or services they deliver.
  • Another use that has recently seen the light of day is where people invest using Bitcoin so it may become an asset that will rise in value in time to come.
  • Essentially, it is a payment method that allows the user to transfer funds.
  • Sadly, the currency is not backed by any given institution. There are quite simply no guarantees when you own Bitcoin as there is no central government involved.

What makes it exciting though is the unexpected rise in value. Take it from someone who gave it a go by investing in Bitcoin during 2010 when it was worth $0.08. That was until November 2017, when it was valued at an incredible $7,000. What a way to experience a massive return on your investment.

On average you can expect a change of around 2% per day. This is not something the traditional currencies will give you. People tend to favor conventional investments due to stable prices.

In essence, one of the stumbling blocks that stand in the way of convincing someone to trade with cryptocurrencies would be the rapidly changing price.

However, the secret is to consider the overall concept behind digital currencies. If you want to be on board a new way of working with money that will set you up for the long term, then you should pay attention to currencies such as Bitcoin.

According to research, Bitcoin is expected to fluctuate less and stabilize shortly. The highs and lows you currently see are thanks to the interest it is getting at the moment.

The chances are good that governments will start to regulate cryptocurrencies. Not to fret, these regulations will not necessarily shut down decentralization. What it will do is have a powerful impact on how much and how rapidly the valuations change.

After all, cryptocurrency is about using various encryption techniques to regulate the generation of currency units and to verify fund transfers, while operating independently from a financial institution.

To put it in simple terms, it is a whole line of codes that have a monetary value attached to it.

Through using cryptography, a decentralized network goes on to set up new coins and secure transactions. Individual members of the network would set up computers to process the line of codes. In exchange, the miners, also known as processor nodes, will get a reward for securing various transactions using blockchain technology.

Even though other digital currencies outshines Bitcoin in that they present users with superior speed and scalability as well as transaction privacy, Bitcoin is still the number on cryptocurrency due to its head start. It was the first blockchain ever, and all the interest, from 2008 through 2013 was given to them. As it possesses a larger user base and robust network, it enjoys the widest acceptance.

To illustrate the point. It would be of no use if you were the only one who has an email with no one to connect with. It would be somewhat useful if you and others have email, and massively useful when nearly everyone has access to email. The same applies to Bitcoin. The more people accept it, the more valuable it becomes as a cryptocurrency.

What you need is some real-world advice on how to make Bitcoin and other currencies work for you. In this regard, a famous cryptocurrency exchange like Rubix who’s about to launch would be of use.

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Newbie Guide to Trading Crypto and Blockchain – How Does it Work?

You may have heard various terms such as crypto coins, exchange platforms, and blockchain. For many, these words seem foreign. Why does something that goes by the name blockchain have to change the way we work online?

Just two years ago, Bitcoin experienced an unexpected boom and made a lot of people very happy. In only one month, its value almost tripled. People who already owned Bitcoin became millionaires.

As you can imagine, many would want to be on board in the hope of making a quick profit. Before anyone does, it is crucial to gain a better understanding of what Bitcoin is as well as all the other terminology we spoke about at the onset of this article.

One thing that Bitcoin isn’t is a commodity you can keep in your purse. You are not allowed to use it in the Supermarkets yet. We are also not talking about a physical coin that you can hold in your hand.

Most of you will be fully aware that it is a digital currency that can be mined through using computers that solve mathematical puzzles. All of this is made possible through blockchain technology.

Bitcoin may get all the attention, but the actual star of the show that makes it all possible is blockchain. Follow along to discover how it all pans out.

Building Blocks

Let us take a closer look at blockchain and how it works as it is, after all, the basis on which cryptocurrencies get build.

You will find there are all sorts of uses for blockchain. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is just one of these.

The best way to explain blockchain is to look at it as a digital logbook in that it allows individuals and business owners to record all their digital transactions and assets. All these are stored across numerous devices. An asset refers to anything from a house, car, or even a copyrighted logo.

The blockchain gets shared between different users. The moment a new transaction enters it will be shared among multiple users and updated simultaneously. Every single transaction will be logged then tracked across an entire network of users. The information is set in stone and cannot be changed later on.

To gain a better understanding of what blockchain is all about, let us examine how it can be applied in the context of purchasing a house. The entire process involves numerous people. Let us begin with the builder, shall we?

He or she will obtain planning permission before erecting the house on the site. From here it will be registered with an address that will be connected to the electricity and water supplies and phone line. Once completed, the builder will look for a buyer. Ownership will be transferred in exchange for equity in the form of money.

Without blockchain, all the needed information would have been recorded by separate companies. Seeing that it will be all over the place, it will make it very time-consuming for the buyer to get hold of it all. Should there be any mistakes along the way, it will be even harder to assess where the error was made.

How Does a Blockchain Transaction Work?

The whole process is a little more complicated than it may seem.

This is how it works:

  • A user within the blockchain will request a transaction to be made. The actual request is dispatched to a peer-to-peer network of computers. Each of the PCs is known as a node. Once the nodes have checked the user’s status, they would validate the transaction. Some of the machines on the network would act as mining machines and would, therefore, work on the deal to earn cryptocurrency.
  • Any transaction that is verified would involve all sorts of data, from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to other relevant information. The info that is transferred would be combined with the verified info to create a new block of data. The new block would have a header that serves as a small piece of information that originates from the previous block in the chain. The very same block is then added to the remainder of the chain in a permanent form that can be edited.
  • The entire transaction can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to be completed. The time frame would depend on how many blocks there are. The original user would be notified once the transaction is done.

We hope the explanation given helps you understand blockchain technology better.

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How Traders Will Benefit from Using Crypto Trades

There are several advantages to be had as a bitcoin or Ethos trader on any given crypto trading platform

From the time that you sign up, you are presented with an educational trading webinar that gives you the low down of how it works. 

Various online courses are made available to you to give you an even better insight into the trading world. Also, you have access to free video tutorials and are provided with a free eBook as well. 

Traders can start out with a minimum deposit of $100 and a maximum of $100,000.

The only hiccup is that you have to wait 5 days to get access to your money. However, if you have a Select account, then you only need to wait 24 hours. 

If you are looking for a safe and secure, long-term way to trade bitcoins, then you should opt for a tried and tested digital currency exchange. Brokers will make trading easy and an absolute pleasure. You can look forward to a fully equipped trading website, superb customer support, and complete transparency.

Improved features of the Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

It is even simpler than ever before to trade with bitcoins or any other currencies like Ethos. This is due to the various improved features that allow for a better overall trading experience. Here are some of the improvements:

  1. Traders can make their selection from eight trading platforms
  2. Mobile trading is now integrated with various leading service providers
  3. Trading made available for over 60 currency pairs 
  4. Novice traders will not be left in the dark as they have access to a variety of eBooks, Forex learning tools, and can follow along with a host of webinars to assist them in mastering bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Broker Support

Furthermore, those new to trading with bitcoins will find extreme value from the support they get from brokers on favorite exchanges

To give you an example of what we mean. Brokers on such platforms will be completely transparent with you in every offering. They do not even charge you a commission. Brokers also present you with an enormous variety of trading advantages that will ensure your trading experience turns into an enjoyable, easy, successful and safe one. You certainly cannot attach a price tag to the list of resources and tools that brokers offer traders. 

Trading with Bitcoin is regarded as safe and secure. It sure is the smartest way to trade using bitcoins.

Beginners generally opt for the demo account as it allows them to spread their wings to get a knack of how it is to trade using Bitcoins or Ethereum without risking their money in the process.

Trading in the currency of the future is in the power of your hands. Bitcoin trading is seen as a secure way to exchange money online without the banks or the government getting involved. It is very reassuring to know that bitcoin is regarded as a very high volatile currency. 

Bitcoins were first created in 2009 as a secure and anonymous way to exchange money on the world wide web. Best of all, it is minted and gets traded within a community of networkers without the backing of a government body. Daily, new bitcoins see the light of day thanks to time intensive based algorithms that limit the rate that bitcoins enter the market.

Some digital currency exchange platforms allow one to trade immediately using either a long (buy) or short (sell) trade. Regardless of which direction the currency takes, you get to trade 24 hours per day and you are afforded with the opportunity to get an insider’s view of the trading market at any time.

What is really nice is that some public digital coin exchanges give you a sizeable sign-up bonus when you start trading with EOS. This is one of the securest ways to earn yourself a handsome profit. 

As a result, many new traders opt for this method of trading as the digital coin has become the currency of choice that must be added to your profile. 

With such lucrative possibilities open to a newbie and more seasoned traders of digital currencies, is it any wonder that more and more people are wanting in and keen to learn more regarding the intricacies to do with cryptocurrencies?

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How to Gain a Detailed Understanding of Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies both motivate blockchain technologies. Essentially, what is needed is an in-depth and comprehensive summary of the basic notions of the crypto space with a distinct emphasis on Bitcoin.

Novices to the cryptocurrency exchange space would love to learn the basics to do with bitcoin, such as the various cryptographic hash functions, it’s Script, what there is to know concerning its privacy as well as its roots in the libertarian ideals and Cypherpunk movements.

It is critical to learning about a variety of set applications to do with all sorts of cryptocurrencies such as mining and wallets, and why one has to destroy bitcoins. This would include things like mining strategies that are not above board and network attacks.

You may have heard about Ethereum and blockchain, and how these can be used outside of cryptocurrencies.

The topics under discussion are open to anyone with any type of background. Who knows, you may very well plan on being a professional crypto trader, blockchain developer, consultant, data analyst, or researcher. On the other hand, you are just looking for an introduction to how Bitcoin technology works.

What you need is some insight into how you can start developing the critical skills required to future-proof your career.

If you are still new to the whole crypto thing and exchange programs, it is suggested you learn about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies first before proceeding to blockchain technology.

Mostly, one needs to start with some concepts to do with basic properties required to engage in crypto trading, and what the overall intent is of either centralized or decentralized currency.

From here, you should develop a thorough understanding of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other currencies, right from the ground up, by dividing it into four different stages, such as:

  • Identity
  • Transactions
  • Record Keeping
  • Consensus

How to Empower Yourself with More Knowledge Concerning Blockchain and the Cypherpunk Movement

One should delve into the historical significance and origins of Bitcoin, then take a look into the roots of the Cypherpunk and Bitcoin movement as well as any Libertarian ideals that arose.

It is best to examine the significance of Bitcoin compared to some of the earlier predecessors before you move onto taking a look at how the crypto space evolved as a whole.

The Mechanics Behind Bitcoin

Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to take an in-depth look regarding the mechanics behind cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, the purpose of having a network, cryptographic hash functions and cryptography, various hash commitment schemes, privacy matters, and the Bitcoin Script?

What is Bitcoin, Wallets, and Mining Like in Real Life?

Ideally, you need to examine the real world aspects, involving Bitcoin. We are referring to things like mining, Bitcoin governance, wallet mechanics, transactions, and wallets itself. You should be aware of the various ways you can interface with Bitcoin, which would largely depend on the type of software you are running at the time.

What is meant by the term – destroying Bitcoin when it comes to network attacks?

What experts are talking about over here is the vulnerabilities that Bitcoin is exposed to such as forking attacks, pool cannibalization, network attacks, double spending, malicious mining strategies, and Goldfinger attacks.

What Role Does Ethereum Play in Making a Decentralized Future Possible?

To gain an improved understanding of Ethereum and the part it plays in decentralization, one needs to pay attention to the properties that are behind it.

What is also needed is to investigate the primary differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, such as the UTXO versus the accounts model and its functionality.

The information we come across serves as encouragement to view digital currencies, exchange platforms, and blockchain technology in a different light. 

Once you are sure you want to plunge into the world of crypto, then you should safely proceed through a trusted crypto exchange. These serve as online providers that assist you with the procedures involved in obtaining your own wallet and transacting through it.

Of these, Bitcoin is the oldest coin in circulation. Others such as Ethereum, Induction, Worldcoin, and Namecoin made headway. The best way to choose your preferred crypto coin exchange is to check the currency options made available. There are a variety of trades right now. It is best to ascertain that the one you settle for offer various currency conversions in different currencies. The most popular cryptocurrency coins would be Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ensure the exchange you vie for offers more options.

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How Cryptocurrency Exchanges View the New Monetary System

The world is becoming more and more globalized and in need of a different currency to what we have become accustomed to. As a result, they are inclined to welcome cryptocurrency as a new monetary system soon. You can bet they would have no problem with that as long as it is controlled by a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform who tick all the boxes in terms of the features they offer and in offering a secure platform to trade from.

One of the known digital currencies, Bitcoin has reached the minds of many around the world and in all likelihood sparked a lot of interest along the way as the first to offer access to decentralized money.

Two of the main benefits would be the fact that it is:

  1. Censorship resistant, and
  2. Immutable against manipulation by the authorities, other central entities, and governments. Everyone involved in trading this way has equal authority.

Without the intervention of 3rd party providers or intermediaries, Bitcoin can operate its own economy due to a peer-t0-peer protocol and decentralized structure.

However, with the good comes the bad in that there are risks and reward from trading this way. To help protect consumers there is a need for tokens in a digital wallet.

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

If you intend using Bitcoin or other currencies like it, you’ll need a digital wallet that acts as a software program to store both public and private keys that let you interact with different blockchains so the user may send and receive coins and check their balances.

How Does it Work?

Millions would make use of cryptocurrency wallets. However, there seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding concerning how it works. Unlike your every wallet or purse one would carry with you, digital wallets do not hold currency. These are not stored anywhere or in any physical form. All you will see is records of transactions on the blockchain. A wallet like this one serves as a software program that not only stores the relevant keys that needed to interact with blockchain but also allows the user to conduct other operations, such as sending monies.

When you send any digital currency such as Ethereum, you will sign off ownership of it to your wallet’s address.

Before you can start spending the coins by unlocking the funds within the cryptocurrency wallet, the private key you have needs to correspond with the public address that it has been assigned to. Once the private and public keys match, the wallet balance will increase while the sender’s records will decrease.

As there would be no physical exchange taking place, the transaction would just be signed off by a transaction record on the blockchain.

Different Types of Wallets Used to Store Cryptocurrencies

There are various ways to store as well as access digital currencies thanks to several types of wallets being used to make this happen.

Wallets are broken down into three different, yet unique categories, namely hardware, paper, and software for which, mobile, desktop, or online is used

Let’s break these down further:

Hardware – These type of wallets differ significantly from software wallets as they would store the user’s private keys on a USB and stored offline for increased security. You can compare them with numerous web interfaces that can support different currencies. One would merely plug in the device to an internet-enabled PC, key in your pin, then send the currency.

Paper – These wallets are just as easy to use and offer a high level of security. Do not confuse this with the wallets you would use to carry physical notes. In this case, we are talking about a piece of software that securely produce a pair of keys that are printed in paper form. Any funds are transferred from your paper wallet to the software wallet. They refer to this as ‘sweeping,” that can be accomplished manually through keying in your private keys or scanning a QR code.

Mobile wallets – These are run on your phone via an app and can be utilized anywhere to make payments.

Desktop wallets – They are downloaded and stored on your computer and can only be accessed from a single computer. It is said these offer the highest level of security. Although there is still a chance that a virus or hacker may wipe it off your PC.

Online wallets – You may have guessed it that these run on the Cloud and can be accessed anywhere and on any device. Due to your private keys being stored online, you are more vulnerable to theft and hacking attacks.

As you can see, your level of security would depend on the type of wallet used. Offline wallets are way more secure as hackers do not have access to them and are not reliant on a 3rd party for security. In all cases, one should take the necessary precaution and study the cryptocurrency trading platforms you intend using before signing up.

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Can You Jangle How Blockchain Works in Your Favor – How Does it Improve How You Transact on Your Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Both cryptocurrency and blockchain became fairly interchangeable with one another. Who do we have to thank for that? Bitcoin, of course!

All sorts of new crypto coins are making their way into the digital currency world. The question is what role does blockchain play in shaping one particular crypto exchange more favorable than another?

The thing is when someone says they have paid you through blockchain, what they are actually saying is that they paid you through Bitcoin. That was the general take some time ago.

All of that changed since the introduction of alt-coins as alternative cryptocurrencies. From here on the perception or stance that people took on blockchain technology is that it was any kind of crypto that runs on a shared ledger that is coupled with a mining algorithm.

It wasn’t long, then Ethereum saw the light of day so that folks exclaimed that blockchain is literally any kind of system.

As you may have noticed by now, the technology to do with crypto coins is not all that consistent. The same is true of the blockchain.

However, there is a perfect cohesive movement around this term in that people are forever experimenting and making it better by trying new things. That makes it way more valuable than before. Sadly, you come across industries where nothing has changed in 20 years. Until something like blockchain comes along where everyone starts innovating.

It goes to show that it is still in its startup stage. Having said that, blockchain is part of a very secure, shared database.

Why is it so different from anything else we’ve experienced?

At first, the experts thought that there was no need for blockchain. This idea was driven by the fact that they were deploying various payment solutions for banks and in the means of moving away from a shared ledger as it added a lot of overheads.

Governance is a complex issue, and then you have to deal with scalability and privacy issues. What folks really value about exchange platforms and digital currencies is the transparency and consistency associated with these. Either the full payment is executed or nothing. Then there is the added bonus that the transaction is instant, and you are given feedback along the way.

Some companies who utilize blockchain, do not link themselves with this commodity, but instead, think of themselves as a payments company.

A one of a kind cryptocurrency made its way into the digital currencies sphere.

Once this particular cryptocurrency came it, mining formed no part of their standard criteria. Not long after, Ethereum came out. From here it just kept expanding.

Nowadays, you may want to think of crypto of being in the cloud where other people’s computers would be used to host things.

While this concept is not anything new, it did represent sort of an enterprise movement where most folks began to rethink their business use cases and innovated the way they do things.

What happened is that they applied a consensus algorithm on a transactional level rather than a ledger level. Therefore, we no longer think blockchain will replace databases.

During 2017, banks reached out to an exchange platform that is still new and asked if they could use RXP, which is their brand for sky money. Doing so would eliminate the requirement to foster correspondent relationships. 

Be wary of having your monies deposited in a bank that is part of another country in case they go under, in which case you would have massive problems to deal with.

We are well aware that global commerce is on the increase. Therefore, there is a higher demand for cross-border transactions, which also creates tension. Banks desire fewer relationships as they are time-consuming. However, customers want easier cross-border transactions for which XRP, where blockchain is involved, provides the way out.

Where Does Bitcoin Fit Into the Picture?

Gold is precious. This is not because it is regarded as something shiny, conductive, and malleable, but due to what it stands for.

A few features worthy of mentioning that makes gold extremely valuable is that it’s hard to counterfeit; easy to merge, refine, transport, and subdivide; and also, very scarce.

Bitcoin does a bit more than gold such as travel across the world, from one individual to another, with no middle persons, within minutes.

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